Friday, February 24, 2012

Except for Grace

What is Grace?
 Here is a definition I found:
 Grace is an undeserved gift: God's mercy and forgiveness. It was purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ already

WOW! an undeserved gift purchased by the blood of Jesus.  WOW!  Can you wrap your brain around that? I can't.  
As I was sitting at my desk today at work several thoughts were going through my head; 
1. This day is dragging and I'm soo tired!
2. Why does my body have to be intolerant to gluten??
3. When will we have a baby?? 
 and several other things that were also negative.  And then I was overwhelmed with such a feeling: How can I be soo selfish and ungrateful?!?!?!?!  I can't believe how I take things for granted.  Everything I have is a gift from God and I need to be so thankful! Everything is grace! Everything is undeserved.  How wonderful to know that no matter how many mistakes I make, or how many times I am burdened, God's Love and Grace is always, always abounding! Praise the Lord! Nothing can take the place of our sins EXCEPT FOR GRACE.  Nothing can fix our mistakes. EXCEPT FOR GRACE. Nothing can fill our emptiness of always wanting. EXCEPT FOR GRACE.  Nothing can heal anguish and pain. EXCEPT FOR GRACE. 

How privileged we are to have a Savior so loving, so merciful.  No matter what He is there with love and grace. yes. grace.  A small word with a powerful meaning.  

Thank you, Lord, for your endless Grace! 

I can't get enough of this song! {{grab a box of tissues!!}}


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