Saturday, June 30, 2012

Handmade Goats Milk Soap review and Give-away!

Have you ever tried Goat milk soap?? I never did but was very curious about it.  Especially after seeing that the bars made by Rhen from Yes, They Are All Mine are handmade by her, in her own kitchen and are completely natural. I looked around on her soap website and learned so much about her soaps.

Here are some facts taken from her page:

Why goat's milk?  Just a few of the benefits of goat milk soap are:  protects skin from daily bacterial and chemical invasion,  very moisturizing, perfect for sensitive skin, helps kill acne, won't leave residue on oily skin, sloughs off dead skin cells, and helps to soothe a variety of skin conditions like eczema.
     Do you use animal fats (tallow or lard)?  No!  The only animal product is the goat milk.  My soaps contain an array of Vitamin E rich oils, including olive oil that nourishs and helps hydrate your skin.  Stress, dietary choices, environmental pollutions, medications and exposure to ultra-violet rays all take a toll on the health of your skin.  Olive oil replaces the moisture and elasticity lost to these elements because it is naturally rich in Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants that have tremendous healing and preserving properties.
     Do you use artificial/ liquid dyes?  No!  I use no harmful dyes, preservatives, parabens or SLS.  I use clays, purified muds and herbs to add any colors or textures.  
     How do you add scent to your soap?  All of my soaps are scented with 100% pure essential oils!  No fragrance oils or alcohol carriers.
     Who or what makes the soaps?  My soaps are made by me.  I hand cut, trim and label each and every one.  Each batch I make is unique and has inherent differences, swirls, variations and "flaws" that give them charm and 
character.  No machines here! 

After reading all of this information I was even more intrigued and placed an order. The scents I chose were "Sweet Pooh Bear", "Muscled Farmboy", "Lover's Leap" and "Frolicking in the Dead Sea". Don't you love the names of the soap?
I quickly received my soaps in the mail and was already impressed as soon as I opened the box. The aroma of each soap was amazing!
I couldn't wait to try them and the first one I tried was the Sweet Pooh Bear. I cannot believe how much I liked it even after one use. It is unbelievably creamy.  My skin was incredibly soft and smooth with no residue or tight feeling afterwards.  After using it for a few days, my skin felt even softer. It really is amazing and very hydrated. The texture and tone of my skin has improved also.
The real test was my hubby. He is an auto mechanic and his hands are extremely rough. His first response after using the soap the first time was "what is this creamy soap"? Now, I don't know about your hubby's, but mine never notices any soap I buy and just uses what is there. This- he noticed. He liked it so much, especially the scent, that when I told him it was made from goat's milk and was all natural, he asked if he can eat it or at least use it as a mouth wash!! LOL Oh, how I love him! I told him, of course not, it IS soap.
We are both very impressed with these wonderful soaps and have decided to only use these from now on. It has been over a month now and the changes in our skin our fantastic. Even hubby's rough hands are much smoother! I highly recommend her soaps. 
Now for the give-away....
Rhen from Yes, They Are All Mine, is offering *2* bars of her wonderful handmade goat milk soap with  choice of scent to one winner! How exciting! 

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  1. Shared.. Thank you, Leah! Soap sounds wonderful! : )

  2. Rhen rocks. She is exactly who she appears to be on line. No made-up personna there at all! She is a personal friend of mine and her soaps are absolutely amazing! I hate that she and I have both moved from the small town where we met, but am so thankful for her continuing friendship. I know you'll love betting to know her!

  3. Hot ~n~ Spicy and Spiced Mocha Latte both sound WONDERFUL.

  4. Shared! Thank you! This soap sound quite amazing :-)

  5. Shared!! Thank you. I am hoping to win the Dead Sea Experience!!

  6. Soap sounds great! We have sensitive skin and I've heard great things about goat's milk soap and would love to try it. :-)

  7. Lover's Leap sounds inviting!

  8. Shared on FB!

  9. Hi there! I would most definitely try Sweet Pooh Bear! Cute name and I love honey and oatmeal. :)